Convention 2012

Park City Trip

This year marks my 7th consecutive convention and I have never been to Park City, so why not go this year!  I wanted to visit Olympic Park too and discovered that they offered ziplines among other fun activities.  While we were there, we watched the aerialists practice and land in the pool as well as the ski jumpers.  Such an amazing sight to watch.

Here is our fancy rental car!

Dawn going up first!

Here she comes!  Look no hands!

One happy (and brave) rider!

A look from the ski lift while I was going up.

Here is Cindy at the top of the K120 ski jump.

The Extreme Zipline is the steepest in the world and starts at the K120 ski jump, at which point the force of gravity takes over and you are traveling close to 50 mph.  Here Cindy and I are coming in.

I am…adventurous!

After finishing at Olympic Park, we headed up the hill to Park City.  Look what Cindy and Dawn ran into!

We lunched on the patio at Bandit’s Grill.  It was a perfect day to dine outdoors.

The city reminds me of a quaint little town in Northern California called Nevada City.

Heading back down from Park City, there is a beautiful and very large barn flying an American flag.  Just beautiful!

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