Leadership 2013, Stampin' Up! Events

Leadership: Day 2

Starting out day out!

Scott Nielsen delivered the State of Stampin’ Up! address. Said Scott: “We are profitable, debt free, and cash strong.” He also rolled out the Best of 25 Years Stamp Set promotion–and after announcing that we exceeded our goal for recruits by 1,760 (WooHoo!), treated the all of the demonstrators in attendance to his dance version of the YouTube hit “Gagnam Style.” Boy, was it hilarious!

Look Cindy won a Prize Patrol!

We too in some classes before heading off to lunch.

Tami and I won a prize patrol but had to cover the image as this stamp set was not unveiled at the time.

Here are the images:

Stampin’ Up! president, Rich Jutkins, ended the closing session with an inspiring reminder of what really makes Stampin’ Up! a unique and special company in the world of direct sales: our genuine concern for relationships, for building individuals, and for enhancing quality of life. Said Rich: “If the only reason you’re with Stampin’ Up! is for the money, then you’re missing what we’re all about.” He said that the reason established markets tend to decline is that they lose sight of what got them involved in the first place: and with Stampin’ Up!, that “pearl of great price” is our concern for people and providing uplifting experiences for others. He emphasized that there is nothing wrong with financial benefits and other perks that come with being a demonstrator, but the real value of what we offer is building relationships and making a difference in the lives of others. He shared Clayton Christensen’s quote: “The only metrics that will truly matter to my life are the individuals whom I have been able to help, one by one, to become better people.”

Can you believe this is what I received at Leadership:  Wonder why I LOVE Leadership?

All in all, Leadership 2013 was a fantastic experience. Now I can’t wait for Convention 2013 in Salt Lake City this July!

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