Convention 2013

Convention: Road Trip to Moab

Last Tuesday when I arrived in Salt Lake City for Stampin’ Up!’s annual convention, my friends Cindy, Dawn, and I had arrival times pretty close to each other.  We rented a car and headed to Moab in southern Utah.  It was just over a 4 hour drive from Salt Lake City.  First on the agenda was lunch at Cracker Barrel.  I had the chicken dumplings and it was delicious!

On the way down to Moab, I took some photos from the car.

Here are a few photos from Arches National Park.

Here is the Park Avenue Trail overlook.  It was spectacular!

On Wednesday morning, we were up early and had breakfast then headed back to Arches NP for an awesome hike at Devils Garden Trail to see the Landscape Arch.  The parking lot was packed!

Look we met a little friendly critter on the trail.  We named him Archie (appropriate, don’t you think?).  I have no idea what type of lizard he is and will have to Google his photo to find out.

Here we are at the Landscape Arch.  We drank a lot of water on this 1.6 mile hike.

Here is the Fiery Furnace.

Then we headed up the road a bit to Canyonlands National Park.  While the scenery was different than Arches, it was still gorgeous and I cannot fully describe the beauty and of what I saw.

First stop was the Island in the Sky visitor center and check out the Shafer Canyon Overlook.  Canyonlands is quite large, and actually has three separate regions. Island in the Sky in the north, Needles to the south, and the Maze to the west. Each has its own distinct personality and types of land formations. Just a few miles past the park entrance, it provides stunning views. In the picture, the overlook is in the very center of the picture. It’s unbelievable to me that there aren’t any railings along the edge of the overlook because it’s hundreds of feet down in some places, and you can walk right up to the edge of the drop-off.

Next stop was Mesa Arch. People climb up on top of this arch. From this view, it’s only about 25 feet above the ground. But on the other side, it drops down hundreds of feet.

Driving back to the main road, we stopped at Green River Overlook. From here, you can look down into the plateaus above the Green River, which eventually flows into Grand Canyon. It’s hard to describe the other-worldliness of being up high on a plateau or mesa, looking down hundreds of feet at another layer of plateaus that are hundreds of feet above the Green River. It’s a little mind boggling, but gorgeous. We experienced this phenomenon throughout the day, and it’s really something I couldn’t get enough of.

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