Convention 2013

Convention: Opening General Session and Social (day 1)

Stampin’ Up! has officially taken over downtown Salt Lake City!

Ryan Innes (as seen on NBC’s ‘The Voice’) kicked off general session with a live performance of this year’s convention theme song!  OMG, was it great!

Shelli, Sterling, and family take main stage to welcome everyone to the 2013 Be the Difference SU! Convention.

During the Opening Session, we all received our official convention bag with a bunch of goodies inside.  Each one of us in attendance (5,800…yes, that is the correct number of attendees this year) received their bag in under 15 minutes!

Here is Dawn putting together a birthday kit for the children being treated at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It felt great to give back and really live by the Statement of the Heart!

We’re making a Guinness World Records official attempt for the most greeting cards sent from a single location at one time!

Here is the cute postman posing for photos with us.  He had no idea how huge this event was!

Stampin’ Up! made a Guinness World Records official attempt to send the most greeting cards at one time from a single location–and we did it! 2,984 cards sent and a new Guinness World Record for Stampin’ Up!

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