Friendly Friday

“Leader with a Heart” Award

A few weeks ago while at the 1st Time Campers event that my Girl Scout Troop hosts, my good friend and training mentor arrived before dinner time to pick up some gear, she surprised me with the “Leader with a Heart” award.  She wanted to present it to me at camp with my girls present.  I was so touched not only by the nomination but rather from the supporting letters from the girls in the troop on why I deserve this award.  Truly touched my heart and I am so blessed.

IMG_6502 (640x480)

On Wednesday night, was our Service Unit Leader meeting, and three other leaders were awarded with the “Leader with a Heart” award!  So deserving and rewarding.  I was also presented with a thank you card as well as a gift certificate to one of my favorite local area restaurant, Lazy Dog Cafe.  Once again, my heart is very full knowing that the work that I put forth as the Service Unit Manager touched so many lives.  I still offer my support to those that that seek me out when they have questions.  I never turn by back on those in need, those that know me, will nod their heads in agreement.  : )

IMG_6503 (430x640)

IMG_6504 (640x517)

IMG_6506 (640x485)


And I leave you this week with my favorite Minon!!!  Have a great weekend everyone!

minon friday

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