Friendly Friday

Lauren’s Award Week

Last week was a huge week for my daughter in Girl Scouts.  First she bridged from Cadettes to Seniors.


Pictured from left to right: Erin, Lauren, Krista, Taylor, Veronica, Emma


Here is our first troop photo that was taking following the ceremony.



Pictured in the top row: Krista, Taylor, Veronica.  Bottom row: Erin, Emma, Lauren


Here is Emma and Lauren on the bridge for their photo.

IMG_6517 (480x640)

Then the following night we braved the downpour of rain to attend the Silver Award Ceremony.  She worked under the direction of the camp ranger (Don Scott) as her project advisor and work was completed at one of the Girl Scouts Greater Los Angeles properties, Camp Lakota.  She worked with two other girls to repair camp fire ring, build benches, paint new screen room at Big Pine, and general clean-up at the Ranch House.


Here is a photo that was taken of myself briefly explaining the girls’ projects.


Following the ceremony, the girls got to meet and take a photo with GSGLA’s CEO Lise L. Luttgens.


Pictured left to right: Madison, Lauren, Lise, Emma, Krista


The special moment for me was having Don Scott in attendance supporting the girls hard work.  He drove down to Santa Clarita from Frazier Park in the snow/rain to see them honored and celebrated with them!

IMG_6522 (640x480)

Pictured left to right: Krista, Don, Lauren


One final picture of all the girls to celebrate their accomplishment.  I am so proud of my daughter for sticking to her goal of earning this award and now wanting to continue in Girl Scouts.  Not only am I proud of her, but also of my other girls’ in the troop that earned the second highest award in Girl Scouts!


Pictured left to right: Lauren, Emma, Krista, Madison

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