Friendly Friday



Let’s celebrate with donuts today, shall we?  The idea for Donut Day began on the battlefields of France during World War I when Salvation Army workers served coffee and donuts to soldiers in the trenches. Rations were poor so the donut idea was conceived as a means of bringing the soldiers cheer. Donuts were not the reason Salvation Army workers were in the fighting zones of France. Those men and women were there primarily to give spiritual aid and comfort to the American soldier and his allies. They were there to be a link with home and family.


Now onto some personal news!  Wow, what a week it has been here in the Miller household.  This was Lauren’s last week as an 8th grader and the school had activities every day for them.  Yesterday was her last day as a junior high student!  It also marked my last day or driving her to/from school!  Starting in mid-August, she will be at Valencia High School as a freshman and she will just walk right down the street to school.  Here is a collage of photos that Lauren put together that were taken yesterday.  Most of her friends will be at the same high school and a handful won’t be.  The bottom photo (large group photo) is a special one as most of them met the first day of 7th grade and have been fast friends every since.


final day of 8th grade


Yesterday, I interviewed with a local construction company for a payroll administrator position.  It would be nice to get this position as it is something new, challenging, not boring in the least!  Plus, I like working with numbers too.  It is also 2 minutes from home, how sweet is that!

Happy National Donut Day and TGIF!!!


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