Friendly Friday

Playing Catch-Up

Hi Everyone!  I know that I have not posted on a Friday for a while and hopefully this post will explain things (it’s all good)!  Earlier this year, I had to scale back my volunteer activities with Girl Scouts as I started working.  The job I was doing was okay and it was temporary.  I was fortunate to get my foot in the door and sort of ease back into the workforce.  After the assignment came to and end, I was interviewing quite a bit but nothing came about.  So I attended Stampin’ Up!’s annual convention with the hops that I would receive a call back from a recent interview.  Well, I did get a call back but it was to let me know that they offered the position to someone else.  You know the saying, “all good things happen to those that wait”, or “it wasn’t meant to be”.  Well come mid-August and in a matter of 5 days I had a phone interview, staff interview and a final interview with the owner.  Then two days later, I received a call that I landed the job as the Office Manager for a small-boutique insurance premium audit firm and I started the very next day!  Hello, talk about a whirl-wind!

Here is my office and furry office mascot.

20150825_124730 (360x640)

20150901_094351 (360x640)

20150901_094414 (360x640)


Fast forward to Halloween, Lauren is doing well in high school and enjoys hanging out with her friends and going to the football games.  She recently got her braces off.  As if she was not a pretty girl already!  This year Paul finally said that he will dress up for Halloween and the costume would Cat in the Hat.  So what better than to dress up as Thing 1 to accompany him in passing out candy!  He was such a hit that many neighbors and strangers alike asked him to pose for a photo with their small kids (too funny).  So here we are for Halloween 2015.

20151018_175314 (360x640)

20151031_183220 (360x640)

20151031_183342 (360x640)

I am working a half day today and then heading down to San Diego for the first ever OnStage Stampin’ Up! event.  Stay tuned for the recap next week.


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