Friendly Friday

Not So “Hidden” Mickey’s

This will be my final post about our Hawaiian vacation that my family and I enjoyed a few weeks ago.  No Disney Resort would be complete without a few hidden Mickey’s scattered around.  I will say that Disney is really creative with their hidden Mickey’s.  It was fun to discover them!

On our door to our room (on the four corners).

IMG_7748 (480x640)

On the hallway carpets.

IMG_7746 (640x480)

How about the wallpaper in the hallway, do you see it?

IMG_7750 (480x640)

This is what is our our bed. It’s not quite a full size quilt. It is definitely a great decorative accent.

IMG_7752 (640x480)


This picture is also in the bathroom.

IMG_7763 (480x640)

Did you see the Mickey bubble?  In case you missed it, here is a close up.

IMG_7765 (640x480)

Finally, one of my favorites is this Mickey Mouse lamp that sits on the desk inside the bedroom. He’s got his ukulele, his kukui necklace and surfboard.

IMG_7725 (480x640)

Happy Friday everyone, this has been a very long week and overwhelming at times with the amount of work (it is month-end after all)!  I am ready for the weekend!  Make it a good one my friends!

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