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Thankful Gift Card & Post it Note Holder

I saw this on Carrie’s blog and knew I would be making one for our veterinarian to say thank you! If you would like to see Carrie’s post along with a video tutorial, click here.  Thanks Carrie for this awesome idea!




Recently Sidney went in for surgery to remove what we thought was two tumors that were cancerous.  Not sure if it is a scam, but when animals go in for surgery they always push for the dental cleaning.  Thank goodness we opted to have her teeth cleaned because when they were doing her dental x-rays and cleaning, they discovered a small (5mm) tumor in her mouth, near a tooth that needed to be extracted.  Poor baby was so out of it for the first few days and she had to eat soft foods for the first 2 weeks, that meant no more dry kibble or treats!  If you know beagles, they are very impatient when it comes to their food!  I ended up cooking her boiled chicken breasts, rice and carrots for her breakfast and dinner.  For a treat I would give her a soft Beggin’ Strip in pieces.

Here is Sidney resting at home the first night shortly after I brought her home from the vet.

surgery 2

surgery 1 Here is her yummy dinner that I made for her.

surgery 3

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