Friendly Friday

A Fun Day at Universal Studios Hollywood

Happy Friday everyone!

First off here is a quick update on the Miller household, in case you have heard on the news about the devastating fire in Santa Clarita (called the Sand Fire), we are fine and the fire is in the opposite direction of where we are located.  Although the pictures that I posted on Facebook and Instagram, the plums of smoke sure made it seem a lot closer.  I received several text messages from friends asking if we were okay.  Thank you for looking out for us!  I now have a summer cold and have had a sore throat for two days, time to start to gargle with warm salt water.  Lauren is almost finished with her summer session for physical education, one more week to go!  This will free up a period for her to have an additional elective.  Mr. Wonderful has been busy with work and we are looking forward to spending some time together this weekend.

On a high note, I purchased my airline ticket for the Stampin’ Up! OnStage event in November ~ yea!  I am coming in a few days early and will rent a car and drive up to Sedona and spend some time there exploring.  Can’t wait!

To explain my title of this post, last weekend we went to Universal Studios as we wanted to see the new Harry Potter World.  We had a great day until we all went on the Flight of Harry Potter (I think that is what it is called).  Everyone but Mr. Wonderful enjoyed it, he got motion sickness and lost his iPhone 10 feet into the ride.  He didn’t know he lost it until after the ride and he stumbled to sit down on a bench.  Poor guy!  I know it is freakin’ scary to loose your cell phone but he went ballistic.  Thankfully for the “find my iPhone app”) he was able to track it and within four hours he had the phone back.  Believe it or not, it was not damaged in any way!

Here are some pictures from our VIP Experience.  Enjoy!

20160724_134233 (2) (640x480)

IMG_8092 (480x640)

IMG_8094 (640x480)

IMG_20160724_204135 (2) (640x640)

IMG_8095 (640x480)

20160724_152300 (2)

20160724_105540 (2) (480x640)

IMG_8096 (480x640)

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