Friendly Friday

Whine Weekend

Happy Friday everyone!  Last weekend I spent the weekend in Temecula with four ladies that I met through the insurance/auditing world and we sure had a blast.  We rent the Creekside Guesthouse at the Temecula Creek Inn and while it was a little misleading from their website, they did credit us with a one night stay.  We all arrived Friday afternoon and just hung out at the house and visited with each other while we drank, ate and drank some more!  We ended the evening watching a movie.

20160826_140638 (640x480)

Saturday we got up and had a bite to eat while we got ready to head out shopping.  Several of us have never been to Stein Mart, so we were there for a few hours and I found a lot of things surprisingly!  It is sure fun to try on clothes with friends and have their opinions on what looks good or not.  Then we headed over to the Happy Budda for a foot massage.  OMG!  This was so good, I just need to find a place near me to go and have another hour long upper body and foot massage (while you are clothed too).  We topped off our night with a concert at the Thornton Winery to see George Benson.  It was so much better than I thought it would be and the champagne was divine!  So good, that three of us shared three bottles; yes, I was feeling very good!

20160827_185251 (480x640)

20160827_193425 (640x480)

20160827_195919 (480x640)

That was my weekend last week.  This weekend with the Labor Day holiday, I have four days off from work and looking forward to getting some things done around the house and maybe reading a book.  I wish all of you a wonderful weekend, be safe!

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