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OnStage 2016 Local – Gifts


When I attend these events, I love to put together a special gift for my friend/roommate.  I will admit that it isn’t handmade as I have done in the past (only the bag was decorated).  Cindy and I had a great laugh over this as she was worried about hers not being handmade either.  Hey, you know what, that is totally okay!  It is all about the experiences and quality time that we spend together, right Cindy?  : )

Here is my gift for her, I realized after this picture was taken, that I forgot to all the candies and biscotti.



I also made for her  a special 2017 desk calendar.


Cindy’s gift to me was so funny as I am a Cracker Barrel geek to put it mildly.  When we travel together, there are two stops that we need to make as I do not have a Cracker Barrel or a Sonic in So. California.  I am in love with my gifts and very appreciative of her love and support when visiting these places.  Check out my adorable (HUGE) Christmas shopping bag!


And what is inside this huge bag, you might be asking?  A gift bag that is kinda heavy.


OMG!!  I love my coffee mug!


Check out these beautiful handmade earrings, they are so light weight and the softest blue bead.  Love, love, love them!





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