Friendly Friday

The Big 6-0!

Cheers to Friday, friends!  How did your week go?  We had a pretty non-eventful one, which was perfectly okay after last weekend!  So let’s take a walk down memory lane and I will give you the highlights of Mr. Wonderful’s surprise 60th birthday party!  I have been planning his party for the past few months and it turned out to be a great event and boy was he surprised!  I was worried that someone would blow the surprise but nope, everyone kept it a secret! Yay!!!

This was when we walked into the backyard through the side gate.

At first he couldn’t understand why my mom was there and then we saw his friends from Las Vegas and then that was when it dawned on him what was going on!!!

Just a few pictures of the decorations and buffet, I had food catered by Lucille’s BBQ…yummy and way too much food left over too!

I had to have a little fun with the whole 60 thing, so I found a silicone tray that makes ice that looks like dentures!  This was a big hit with the guests as well as the bowls!

To carry on with the 60 theme, I purchased a walker from a thrift store and got a piece of wood from the home improvement store to display his cupcakes on.  I also made fun little picks that were placed into each one!!!  For the cupcakes, I had them made at a local grocery store bakery and asked that they use a large pipping tip to look like poop!  They sure looked great but tasted even better!!!

Last but not least, I had help from Lauren and her BFF Emma as well as Emma’s mom Claudia.  They arrived about an hour early and put the final touches on the party before I arrived with Mr. Wonderful!!!  It turned out to be a great party and huge success!!!

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