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Window Box Luminary

I made eight of these luminaries for Mr. Wonderful’s party and I am thrilled with how they turned out.  I placed an LED tea light into each one and they sure made the tables look pretty.

These are not hard to make and here are a few step by step photos that I made using a template, but you can go to YouTube and watch the Stampin’ Up! video for the Window Box Thinlits to see how they go together as well as all of the other dies and uses.

  1. Cut two of the basic shape.  If you want to create the intricate cut-outs, now is the time to do so to make a luminary.

2. Snip the tabs off of only one of the pieces.

3. Adhere Tear & Tape as shown on one piece as shown below.  You will also add Tear & Tape to the top tab (not seen in the photo below).  This piece will become the bottom of the box.  

4. Adhere Tear & Tape on the other piece as shown below.  This piece will become the top of the box.

5. Then line up the bottom piece with the top piece (as seen in the photo below).

6. Then gently, adhere the sides together and form the box.

GOTTA HAVE IT?  Please click on the Stampin’ Up! product images below for more details and easy, on-line shopping.  A printable supply list is available as well!

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