Friendly Friday

Happy Birthday Sidney!

Cheers to Friday!! How’s your week been?  It has been super busy in the Miller household.  Last Friday Lauren came to work with me and worked on a project then we went to my mom’s house to pick her up for dinner.  It was a late birthday celebration for Lauren and she wanted to go to PF Changs!  She doesn’t normally eat Chinese food but this place she will go to.  Then it was the usual errands, laundry and grocery shopping before mom and my nephew came over to pick up Lauren to take her to the movies and to lunch.

By the header of this post, you are probably wondering who is Sidney and what birthday!?  So last Sunday was Sidney’s 11th birthday, roughly 60 years old in human years!  She is such a sweet beagle and my cuddle fur-baby.  So I went to Petco and picked up some special dog cookies, Mr. Wonderful was about to try one as they do look really good, good thing I caught him in time!

This picture of Sidney makes her look like a Corgi instead of a Beagle.  This was taken Friday night after being gone for 14 hours.  Awww, just look at that face, she sure missed her mommy!

And now for the special birthday cookies. She saw me go for the bag and was all excited!

Really mom, you going to make me sit?  Doesn’t that cookie look good?

Let me take a good whiff of this!

For me, ok?

See ya, I am munching on it on the carpet!


Thank you for allowing me to share these fun birthday pictures of my fur-baby Sidney!  She has bought me so much joy and is loved by everyone!  I hope you all have a terrific weekend!


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