Friendly Friday

Happy First Day of Fall

Cheers to Friday, friends! How did your week go? I can’t believe that today is the first day of fall and it is already the 22nd of September!  Holy cow, the month is flying by!!  I am loving the cooler weather we have been having here in Southern California, it even rained yesterday.  However, we are expecting 90-100 weather come Monday….I guess I can just turn the A/C back on and dream about the crisp autumn air!

Last week, I took a day off from work to take care of a few doctor’s appointments and Lauren came along with me to keep me company.  Since one appointment was in Burbank, we went to her favorite comic book store and then after my appointment we had a late lunch at Bob’s Big Boy.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friendly Friday


Cheers to Friday, friends!  How did your week go?  It was so nice have a short week but to be honest, I haven’t been feeling too great since Tuesday (tummy issues).

For the Labor Day weekend, we headed south to the desert community of La Quinta.  We stay at the Legacy Villas and love this resort for the relaxation and tranquility.  It was a much needed family vacation to unplug and unwind.  It is not too often that I can just sit and not do a thing!  LOL!!

This time we were able to take Sidney with us and while she was a little restless in the beginning of the car ride this picture cracks me up, as it looks like she is smiling!

Our condo for the weekend, overlooked the lap pool, mostly quiet and had it pretty much to ourselves!  The first picture is of the condo, there are four units (two upper and two lower) and the one we were at is on the upper left.  There were two patios, one off the master and the other was a bit larger off the living/dining room.

The girls and I decided to take an early evening swim before dinner and it was very refreshing!

Here is Mr. Wonderful and Sidney looking down at us swimming.

Here are a few pictures of the club house/main pool area.





Same area but at night, very pretty!

Here is the fountain (one of many) next to the hammock garden (to the right) and the main pool area (to the left).  The lap pool and the condo is located to the right past the hammock garden.



Each morning, I sat out on the patio just relaxed so did Sidney!

Mr. Wonderful and I take a swim in the afternoon.  WE haven’t been in a pool since April of last year when we were in Hawaii.  Pretty sad, right?  We just get too busy with our day to day life and it would be nice to reconnect and swim or sit in the jacuzzi in the evening.  I have a feeling that will be happening soon as we really need it!

Looking forward to the next adventure!

Friendly Friday

Friday Funday: Tip of the Day!

Happiest of Fridays, friends!  It has been a sort of slow week but busy at times too.  Tonight my family is joining me for a fun social outing with the local auditor’s association at Dave & Busters.  I have never been to a Dave & Busters, but have heard it is a grown up Chuck E. Cheese!  Can’t wait!!

Today I wanted to share with you something that I learned at OnStage back in April.  This stamp set (Special Celebrations) is such a wonderful greeting set and I love the font.  I don’t recall who demonstrated it at the live event, however, they paired the greetings together so it takes the guess work out of what goes with what!  Brilliant idea, right? I trimmed my cardstock down so that I can place this inside the stamp case.  Such a great idea, if I do say so myself!

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Friendly Friday

Happy Birthday Sidney!

Cheers to Friday!! How’s your week been?  It has been super busy in the Miller household.  Last Friday Lauren came to work with me and worked on a project then we went to my mom’s house to pick her up for dinner.  It was a late birthday celebration for Lauren and she wanted to go to PF Changs!  She doesn’t normally eat Chinese food but this place she will go to.  Then it was the usual errands, laundry and grocery shopping before mom and my nephew came over to pick up Lauren to take her to the movies and to lunch.

By the header of this post, you are probably wondering who is Sidney and what birthday!?  So last Sunday was Sidney’s 11th birthday, roughly 60 years old in human years!  She is such a sweet beagle and my cuddle fur-baby.  So I went to Petco and picked up some special dog cookies, Mr. Wonderful was about to try one as they do look really good, good thing I caught him in time!

This picture of Sidney makes her look like a Corgi instead of a Beagle.  This was taken Friday night after being gone for 14 hours.  Awww, just look at that face, she sure missed her mommy!

And now for the special birthday cookies. She saw me go for the bag and was all excited!

Really mom, you going to make me sit?  Doesn’t that cookie look good?

Let me take a good whiff of this!

For me, ok?

See ya, I am munching on it on the carpet!


Thank you for allowing me to share these fun birthday pictures of my fur-baby Sidney!  She has bought me so much joy and is loved by everyone!  I hope you all have a terrific weekend!


Friendly Friday

Lauren’s Sweet 16!!!

Cheers to Friday, friends!  How did your week go?  It was a pretty busy work week for me, only worked late a few nights.  Last Saturday was Lauren’s sweet 16!  Holy cow, time flies!!  I decorated the living room, so when she walked downstairs it would be the first thing that she sees and I did the family room mantle too!

We had fun celebrating with her friends and both Mr. Wonderful and I drove to City Walk at Universal City to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.  After dinner, they walked around a bit then we headed home.  Once we got home the girls all left and then one came back to pick up Lauren.  They had a surprise kick back (small get together) for her.  I was told that the living room at her BFF’s dad’s house had a Barbie theme and in the kitchen/garage it was a Super Hero theme with mostly Spider Man and Captain America.

Her BFF’s mom bought her a red velvet cake to celebrate!

I can’t believe that she is 16 now, I remember it was just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital or so it seems!

Friendly Friday


Cheers to Friday, friends!  How did your week go?  We had a pretty noneventful one, which was perfectly okay!  Tomorrow is our daughter’s 16th birthday and she just wants to go to dinner with a group of her friends to celebrate! So we will be going to City Walk at Universal!!

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friendly Friday

Trail of 100 Giants

Cheers to Friday, friends!  How did your week go?  I had a pretty busy one at work as it is month end, but on the joyous side, I am taking next week off for the 4th of July holiday!  So, let’s recap my trip of a few weeks ago when we were rafting on the Kern River.  We were only about 30 miles (1-1/2 hours) away from the Trail of 100 Giants.  I have seen the giant sequoias and since we were so close, we just had to do it.

The Trail of 100 Giants is an easy, manageable walk (1.3 miles of a paved walkway) through some majestic groves of giant sequoias.  A few of the trees are estimated to be 1,500 years old!

This was  a highlight as two giant sequoia trees fell abut six years ago.  The two trees had grown together at the base, appearing as if it were one tree for 30 feet up from the base.  The specialists that visited the site could not find any evidence of insects or disease to contribute to the fall of these two giant sequoias.  We were able to climb on top and walk to the base!

We headed out to one of our favorite places tomorrow morning and taking the dog along for the vacation in La Quinta.  I will not be posting for the week, as I need the must needed rest and relaxation!  Hoping everyone has a Happy and safe 4th of July holiday!


Friendly Friday

Have you missed me???

Cheers to Friday, friends!  I am back with a little update…how did your week go?  I had a pretty stressful one, an employee at work gave her notice, so we needed to shift the workload and return files, certainly not an easy feat!  Plus, to top things off I haven’t been feeling good and saw my doctor the other day and he ran a lot of blood tests to get to the bottom of what my symptoms were!  Just heard back from him yesterday and most of the tests came back negative which is a good thing but, I just have a very out of whack thyroid (it got worse)!

Summer is here and that means that my little family will be off playing as much as we can!  Last weekend, I went to the Kern River with my friend Kay (who is also my boss) along with my daughter and BFF to join her brothers and nephews for some river rafting.  This was something always on my bucket list to try and I am thrilled to tell you that I survived and even stayed on the raft!  LOL!!  I came close to going overboard once, but had my foot wedged in (just like I was told to do) and that saved me!  The Kern River was rapidly raising in elevation due to the snow melt off Mt. Whitney and the water was very cold, but a little refreshing with the 100+ degree heat!  When we arrived, the river was moving at 4,300 cfs and by the time we left Sunday, it was near 6,300 cfs.

We camped along the shore on a private piece of land that belongs to Kay’s brother.  Here is an breathtaking photo taken by Kevin Beatty, her nephew (@kevin_beatty), you can check out his spectacular photos on Instagram.

Just to give you an idea of the area, we were just upstream from the powerhouse which I was told was a class III+. Then as we went downstream, there are names like Big Daddy a class III that had some large waves. Then Lil’ Mama, where the waves are more than a meter high, making it rate higher than class II.  The big finale is Ewing’s (named after a restaurant perched high on the left bank) this was where I almost feel out of the raft!  It is a class III+ and the river drops over a boulder bar, creating a very large hole.  My daughter and her BFF were rodeo riding on the front of the raft even over this last section of the river!  They held on and only feel off once, too bad there are no photos to prove it! But I do believe that there might be a video or two as Kay’s nephew’s and other brother had Go-pro’s strapped to the raft and their helmets!

All of the photos below were taken by Kevin Beatty (@kevin_beatty), thanks Kevin for staying behind on the last run to take these!

This last photo is my absolute favorite of Lauren, arm in the air celebrating!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friendly Friday

Paper Pumpkin 25% off for New Subscribers!

Cheers to Friday, friends!  How did your week go?  I had a pretty non-eventful one, which is perfectly okay by me!  Let’s get down to business with today’s promotion that began yesterday from Stampin’ Up!


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